Property Management – Maximize your Portfolio’s Bottom Line

Building and Managing your South Florida Real Estate Investments.

Whether a single asset, a private portfolio or a Community Association; Let our Property Managers maximize your bottom line.

Our Property Management division understands one thing: Securing the asset is only the beginning; and much – if not all – of the financial success of this investment will now depend on how well it’s managed.

Property Management is a science in and of itself; an operation with several distinct branches, spanning consumer services, risk underwriting, physical maintenance, vendor/staff management, time/project management and sensible accounting; just to name a few.

Our guiding principles are accuracy and responsiveness. Our team recognizes that the two elements of paramount importance are the condition of the asset, and the income stream; and has developed policies and procedures to ensure both are addressed as follows:


Get a bird’s eye view of how each of your properties is performing
See the profitability of each of your properties at a glance

Compare your budget for each property vs. what you’re actually spending
Identify places where you can cut costs and increase profitability

Get a list of all your current tenants by property
See unit number, move-in date, and contact information — all in one place

Keep tabs on which properties are vacant
Run a quick report, see which ones are vacant, and then get them listed in a flash

See which leases are expiring in the next 30 or 90 days
Keep track of expiring leases to maintain a high occupancy rate

View notes related to each tenant in your properties
Keep abreast of all outstanding issues and your to-dos for every tenant in a property

Monitor the status of paper-based and electronic payments related to your property
Get details of all checks and electronic funds transfers by bank account over a period of time

 The Asset

The main goal is the utmost preservation of the property, in order to maximize market value. This goal is achieved by the deployment and enforcement of policies and procedures, most prevalent of which are as follows:

  • Scrutinizing tenant screening; including background civil, criminal and credit checks, prior landlord referral verification, employment, etc.
  • Periodic property inspections to ensure proper upkeep.
  •  Timely response to maintenance requests, as well as physical quality control checks and tenant feedback request for every completed repair.
  • Vendors on our call list agree in writing to provide at least a 6 month guarantee in labor and workmanship, for every job performed.

The Income

The main goal is to maximize net profits, which is achieved by ensuring top performance in two sub-elements, namely: ensuring the highest gross income and lowest expense. Top gross income performance also includes ensuring the lowest vacancy times. The most prevalent procedures in place to secure the above goals are as follows:

  • With the assistance of the Brokerage Division, calculate and secure ratified contracts at the highest rent price the current market can bear in the lowest amount of time, which should be no more than 30 days.
  • With the assistance of the Brokerage Division, heavy (inbound) online marketing and networking of vacant asset.
  • Professional clean-up of asset, inventory and visual inspection by our field personnel, after every move-out.
  • Immediate and safe access to premises to every qualifying interested party, and a robust online showing scheduling system.
  • Timely rent collection, reporting and supervision by our accounting team.
  • Timely detection of red flags that could point to rent payment fail.
  • Timely, affordable and effective eviction process for default tenants.


Receive rent payments online electronically
Tenants can pay their rent and late fees through the tenant site

Collect rental application fees right from your tenant site
Applicants pay online through your public site’s rental application

Pay vendors and rental owners
Epay makes it easy to pay your bills with just a few clicks of the mouse

Property Management Services

  • Leasing, Securing tenants, Contract drafting, negotiations and logistics.
  • Tenant relations, lease renewals, requests, communication and follow ups.
  • Rent collection, holding and disbursement.
  • Tenant terminations, supervision of evictions, serving notices, liaison settlements.
  • Procuring legal counsel when necessary.
  • Maintenance and repair of asset.
  • Periodic inspections.
  • Contracting for, supervision and QC of repair jobs or upgrades.
  •  Purchasing materials and/or supplies.
  • Contracting for utilities, public services and other maintenance items as necessary.
  • Hire, Discharge and supervision of all labor required on the asset.
  • Make payment on landlord’s behalf for periodic expense items.
  • Maintain accurate records of income, expense, repairs and maintenance items.


Know instantly when tenants pay their rent
Using the rental owner site saves a phone call to the property manager

Make everything financial transparent to your tenants
Tenants can see what they paid and when they paid it

See at a glance who owes you money
Quickly know which tenants have an outstanding balance


Manage all your rental applications online
Build a pipeline of applicants for future vacancies

Easily post your tenant application on your public website
Avoid paperwork problems and make it easy to rent with you

Quickly approve or reject rental applications
Get quality tenants moved in sooner to reduce vacancy rates

Community Associations (yes We are CAM licensed):


Use full general ledger accounting tools designed to speak your language —
not the other way around
Forget about “receivables” and “payables” and think “payments” and “bills”

Get a full record of all transactions associated with a property
Make it easy to track the flow of money for a given property — what you paid and what you’re owed — including payments made through our online rent collection service

Make sure that your books are always in balance
Our system will alert you if any of your properties are in the red so you can take action

Run key financial reports on demand, on a cash or accrual basis
Make tenants, your clients, and even your accountant happy by having your accounts in order


Tenants can log maintenance requests through their tenant site
Make it easy for tenants to report maintenance issues

Get notified when a new request is made
You’ll receive an email whenever a tenant logs a new request for maintenance

Automatically email work orders to vendors
It’s easy to assign repairs with just a click

Keep tenants updated on the status of their maintenance requests
Don’t leave tenants guessing about the status of their requests

Download a report of all completed and pending maintenance requests
See at a glance what requests are in process and which have been completed

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