Reclaimed and Spacious

This spacious design is everything one can wish for in a house.

This competition was definitely one of our favorites in the last few months. A client came to Arcbazar looking for architectural design ideas both for the exterior and the interior of her house. The submissions we got blew our minds. Today we are focusing on the winning design, submitted by PNArch team, but we encourage you to check out the rest of the submissions.

Project Parameters

The client had a house and a barn she was looking to remodel. Or, rather, the barn needed to be raised and remodeled, while the house to be removed and a new one built in its place. This is what the property looked like when the client came to Arcbazar:

Here is what the client had in mind in place of these structures:

  1. Turn the barn into a guest house/music studio;

  2. Design a 6-bedrooms house with a gourmet kitchen, an outdoor-indoor entertaining courtyard, a family/TV room, a living room and, potentially, a screning room.

The Winning Design

Competition: Modern Farmhouse

This winning design beautifully connected the main house to the barn, while still providing the barn with a separate entrance to act as an independent structure. The client was interested in a clean look with large windows and lots of light.

The Main House

The spacious structure is supported by wooden beams, while floor to ceiling windows take full advantage of the natural light. Reclaimed materials are perfectly in place in this gorgeous home, which combines a number of styles from minimalism to elements of industrial chic to contemporary.

Each room is consistent in its use of materials and style elements. The client was not interested in a dark, gothic design, and the winning submission resembles that.

We love the sliding door solution – not to mention the beautiful wooden design of the door itself – and how much attention the winning team paid to details. For example, the door is complemented by the design of the chairs.

The Barn

The barn is designed in a similar style to the main house. It is meant to be both a music studio and a guest house. Something tells us the owner of this property will be welcoming a lot of guests in the near future!

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